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Friday 15 December

2023 Chancellor's and Vice-Chancellor's Awards

During the Vice-Chancellor’s End of Year Garden Party later today, the ANU community will honour individuals who have made exceptional contributions to our University.


The annual awards are an opportunity for the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor to recognise the achievements of individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to research, education and the campus community.


Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients.


Peter Baume Award

Recipient: Distinguished Professor Susan Scott

An internationally recognised mathematical physicist, Professor Scott has made ground-breaking discoveries in general relativity, cosmology and gravitational wave science. She played a leading role in Australia’s participation in the first detection of gravitational waves in 2015, and the development of the field of gravitational wave science in Australia following on from that discovery. Her research has advanced our fundamental understanding of the fabric of space-time.


Recipient: Professor Carola Vinuesa

Professor Carola Vinuesa is an internationally recognised leader in genetic research into autoimmunity, identifying genetic abnormalities that interfere with antibody responses in people with auto-immune disorders. Professor Vinuesa has also spearheaded a transformation in our understanding of multiple unexplained childhood deaths, some of which had been wrongly attributed to infanticide. In 2023, Professor Vinuesa’s research and public advocacy led directly to the pardon of Kathleen Folbigg, who had been imprisoned for 20 years after being found guilty of the murder of three of her children and manslaughter of another. 

Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to the University

Recipient: Associate Professor Ryan Goss

Since January 2019, Associate Professor Goss has made substantial and distinguished contributions as the Head of Scholars House, a unique role which reports directly to the DVCA and oversees the Tuckwell Scholarship Program. He successfully transformed the program from a ‘start-up’ phase into an embedded part of the ANU student experience, creating a community of over 100 current Tuckwell scholars and 120 alumni. Associate Professor Goss has also played a crucial role in developing Scholars House as a vibrant space for community connection and learning.


Recipient: Professor Mahananda Dasgupta

The first woman ever appointed to a continuing academic staff position in the Research School of Physics (in the 1990s), Professor Dasgupta is an international leader in the quantum interactions of colliding atomic nuclei. Her seminal papers on complex quantum phenomena in nuclear fusion have set research directions worldwide. She played a key role in developing and leveraging the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility and also spearheads the ANU-based national NCRIS Heavy Ion Accelerator. She is a much-respected researcher, teacher and mentor.

Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Campus Community

Recipient: Ash Dowling and team, Food Pantry, ANU Community Connect

The Food Pantry provides a safe space on campus for students who are experiencing food insecurity. Since the program was launched in July 2022, the team has assisted 10,220 students, with an average of 1,050 students visiting the Food Pantry every week. In addition to providing access to no-cost food, Food Pantry volunteers also assist students who need additional help to connect with other campus-based support services. The Food Pantry team includes many volunteers from the campus community who welcome the opportunity to give back.  


Recipient: Brett Morrison, Facilities and Services

In September 2023 our community was shocked and saddened when several ANU students were attacked and injured on campus. In the middle of the incident, Brett Morrison provided immediate first aid to one of the students attacked, providing lifesaving treatment. Brett is a committed and passionate member of the Facilities and Services team and the wider ANU community.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service, Innovation and Transformation

Recipients: Digital Solutions Team, College of Science

Frederick Chew (team lead), Andrew Gibson, Joelle Le, Stella Li, Scott Powers and Harriet Torrens

The Digital Solutions Team has successfully developed and implemented user-friendly student administration applications across the University, streamlining traditional workflow problems. Team members have gone above and beyond their regular duties to be a catalyst for digital solution, exemplifying our commitments to innovation and collaboration.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early Career Academic Excellence

Recipient: Dr Emily Roycroft, Research School of Biology, College of Science

Only 2.5 years after completing her PhD, Dr Roycroft’s academic career continues to gather impressive momentum. Her research has generated new insights into the evolution and diversity of Australia’s globally unique vertebrates. In the last 12 months alone, she has been awarded over $850,000 in funding from the Australian Research Council. She is also dedicated to encouraging female participation in STEM and is a trusted expert source for major media outlets.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Advancing Research

Recipient: Associate Professor Christoph Nitsche, Research School of Chemistry, College of Science  

Associate Professor Nitsche is emerging as a leading researcher who is making a global impact. He played a crucial role in validating a COVID-19 drug target and assessing drug efficacy against emerging variants. He has authored nearly 60 papers in top journals including Science, is a dedicated educator and was recently named the top Medicinal Chemistry researcher for 2023 by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Influential Impact and Engagement

Recipients: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Engagement and Outreach Team 

(CoS, CAP, ACE, Sustainability Division)

Mahealani Delaney (team lead), Caitlyn Baljak, Dr George Carter, Clare de Castella, Jessica Fagan, James Giggacher, Professor Mark Howden, Renee Jones, Professor Frank Jotzo, Professor David Peebles, Makoi Popioco, Akka Rimon and Liam Taylor.

The team led cross-University collaboration to generate significant engagement with both Australian and Pacific Islander audiences on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment (AR6) Synthesis Report (SYR), released in March 2023. Key messages of this landmark report were conveyed in accessible and relevant formats through TV and radio interviews, vodcasts, factsheets, government briefings, editorials, videos, events and public presentations. This work successfully communicated climate change information to empower decision makers and the wider public.


Recipients: National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing Research, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, College of Health and Medicine

Professor Raymond Lovett (team lead), Mikala Sedgwick, Associate Professor Katherine Thurber, Dr Bronwyn Wilkes

The National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing Research team has led seminal work on racism and its impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing. The team published a world-first study demonstrating everyday racial discrimination could be contributing up to half of the burden of psychological distress among Indigenous adults and explain 47.4 per cent of the gap in psychological distress between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The team has created and shared a range of resources to support Indigenous people’s health and wellbeing.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Educational Excellence

Recipients: Systems Engineering Core, College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

Dr Jeremy Smith (team lead), Associate Professor Fiona Beck, Associate Professor Kim Blackmore, Dr Chris Browne, Professor Robert Mahony, Dr Nicolo Malagutti, Associate Professor Marnie Shaw, Jennifer Simmons and Professor Jochen Trumpf

The team has transformed the University’s Systems Engineering Core program over a six-year journey, implementing a holistic redesign that draws on team-based teaching to improve learning experiences and outcomes. In addition to finding ways to make engineering education more impactful, diverse and accessible, they also boosted links with industry, strengthening pathways for the next generation of engineers.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Sustainability

Recipients: Kitchen Garden Program, Student Life, University Experience

Ash Dowling (team lead), Arian McVeigh, Tristian Smith, Andrea Yan, Ankita Unnikrishnan

The first of its kind in Australia, the Kitchen Garden Program offers students the opportunity to collaborate on ways to grow food and to prepare fresh, affordable meals. In addition to building community on our campus, this popular program promotes sustainability and circular economy principles. Participants save seeds from their campus-grown produce, using the seeds to sow other gardens on campus as well as to give to students through the Community Connect Food Pantry.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Culture Champion

Recipient: Dr Roger Haynes, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA), College of Science

As Technical Director at the ANU Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre (AITC), Dr Haynes has been a strong advocate for connection, inclusivity and fairness on campus. He played a lead role in developing the RSAA 2021 Cultural Plan and has been a champion for increasing gender diversity amongst AITC staff. He also led the development of the ANU Specialist stream, which improves career pathways and opportunities for technical experts working at the University.  

Clare Burton Award for Excellence in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Recipient: Indigenous Health Team, School of Medicine and Psychology, College of Health and Medicine

Dr Stewart Sutherland, Dr Suzanne Bain-Donohue, Terri Jacobs and Dr Amanda Wingett

The Indigenous Health Team has helped to remove barriers for Indigenous students in medicine, providing customised support through the Indigenous Health Stream. Developed in collaboration with Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services, this enriched program of teaching supports students who wish to work in Indigenous health. The ANU School of Medicine and Psychology is now Australia’s most successful school in delivering junior doctors who continue to work in remote and regional Indigenous health, with 50 medical graduates moving to work in the Northern Territory.

25 Year Service Award

Professor Gabriele Bammer – ANU College of Health and Medicine

Mr Timothy Borough – ANU College of Science

Professor Robert Breunig – ANU College of Asia and the Pacific 

Mrs Katherine Campbell – ANU College of Health and Medicine

Professor John Close – ANU College of Science

Mr Darren Coleman – National Computational Infrastructure

Mr Denis Coombes – ANU College of Health and Medicine

Mr Darryl Cram – Information Technology Services

Ms Alison Cumming-Thom – ANU College of Asia and the Pacific 

Dr Christopher Delfs – ANU College of Science

Mr Brenden Geeves – Chief Information Security Office

Professor Gavin Huttley – ANU College of Science

Mr Omar Ibrahim – Information Technology Services

Professor John Keogh – ANU College of Science

Professor Janette Lindesay – ANU College of Science

Mr George Lovrincevic – Information Technology Services

Associate Professor Vladimir Mangazeev – ANU College of Science

Ms Leslie McDonald – Corporate Governance and Risk Office

Dr Peter Milburn – ANU College of Health and Medicine

Professor Adrienne Nicotra – ANU College of Science

Ms Luciana Panei – Scholarly Information Services

Associate Professor Matthew Sellars – ANU College of Science

Dr Jeremy Smith – ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

Professor Daniel Stoljar – ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Mr Christopher Textor – Division of Shared Services 


If you know someone at ANU who deserves recognition, it’s also never too early think about nominations for next year’s awards.



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