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Tuesday 5 September

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What you need to know

  • Monday 4 September 2023 was World Sexual Health Day for the 14th year in a row. The theme this year is Consent. ANU reaffirms its commitment to uphold the standards that scaffold the World Health Organisation’s Statement on Sexual Health. Read the full message in Notices below.

ANU Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor’s 2023 Annual Awards 

The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards are a celebration of the depth and diversity of talent within the ANU staff community. The awards are an opportunity for the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor to recognise the achievements of professional and academic staff for their impact to ANU, as well as the local, national and international community. Award categories include accomplishments such as early career academic excellence, impact and engagement, health and safety, sustainability and many more! If you know an ANU staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to the ANU, nominations are now open until 9 October 2023. 

Nominations are now open and will close on Monday 9 October. 

Ready. Steady. Immerse.

Tuesday 5 September – Saturday 30 September  

Come and join us as we celebrate diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and cultural immersion with the 2023 edition of Immersia: Engaging with Asia and the Pacific. From dance performances and music to workshops and seminars, explore the cultures of the Asia-Pacific region for a truly immersive experience. 

Check out this week's upcoming events:

2023 ANU Taiwan Update

Tuesday 5 September - Wednesday 6 September

January 2024 will see elections for Taiwan’s presidency and for Taiwan’s parliament, the legislative yuan. 

In the 2023 ANU Taiwan Update, scholars and commentators grapple with the place of Taiwan in the world and what the future may bring for, arguably, Asia’s most progressive democracy.

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Immersia 2023: Stories of Asia and the Pacific with Holly Bidwell

Wednesday 6 September

Holly Bidwell is a storyteller in the oral tradition who performs folktales from around the world. She will be performing a range of stories for all ages from the Asia Pacific region and bringing them to life with props, rhymes and a bit of silliness. Come along and hear how Maui tamed the sun, how elephants got their trunks, and more.

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Immersia 2023: Mekim basket

Thursday 7 November 

In this workshop, yumi stori, lainim, na mekim basket wantem – together, we will story, learn with basket, and learn to mekim basket.

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Immersia 2023: Mahjong Gaming Afternoon

Friday 8 November 

Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and luck and is popular across Asia and around the world. Whether you've never played before or have been playing for years, you're going to have a good time at this event.

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Exciting new additions to the library collection

February 2023 marked the fifth anniversary of the 2018 Chifley Library Flood. The program for replacement of the monograph, reference, and serial collections is almost complete.

In the first semester of 2023 an enormous number of added resources have been made available through the ANU Library catalogue! In addition to physical materials, the library has replaced many resources in online format, enabling far greater discoverability and accessibility than was possible previously.

Collections have not only been replaced, but dramatically improved.

Events & activities

Vinnies and ANU+ Sleepout 

Lost in Diagnosis: Navigating the communication challenge of misdiagnosis in women

Thursday 7 September, 5.30pm | The Street Theatre  

From the linguistic to the systemic, Dr Mary Dahm from the Institute for Communication in Health Care joins patient advocates and doctors to discuss misdiagnosis in women. 

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Vinnies and ANU+ Sleepout 

Celebrating consumer & carer led mental health research

Friday 8 September, 10am - 1pm | Kambri Cultural Centre - The Gallery  

The ACT Consumer and Carer Mental Health Research Unit (ACACIA) is celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Join the celebrations and find out more about their work and advocacy. This event will include interactive visual displays; brief talks from ACACIA staff and associates; opportunities to talk with current and past lived experience researchers; networking with mental health sector representatives and community. 

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Vinnies and ANU+ Sleepout 

Communicating Endometriosis through Art: Artists Respond

Monday 11 September, 5.30pm | RSSS 

There is growing clinical and public awareness of the impact the common condition of endometriosis can have on the lives of sufferers. Women have long faced significant challenges in communicating the experience and reality of the condition to scientists, therapists and clinicians as well as within their everyday networks. This exhibition explores communicating endometriosis through different forms of expression and response. 

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Vinnies and ANU+ Sleepout 

Meet the author - Leigh Sales

Wednesday 13 September, 6pm | Llewellyn Hall 

Join Leigh Sales in conversation with Professor Brian Schmidt on her new book Storytellers. Questions, Answers and the Craft of Journalism, in which the highly respected ABC anchor, bestselling author and hit podcaster interviews the cream of Australian journalists about their craft - how (and why) they bring us the stories that inform our lives. In this book, she turns her interviewing skills onto her own profession, those usually asking the questions: the journalists. 

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Vinnies and ANU+ Sleepout 

40th Indonesia Update: Governing urban Indonesia

Friday 15 September & Saturday 16 September, 9am | Coombs Lecture Theatre or online. 

Indonesia is now an urban country. How will it face the challenges this brings, from flooding and traffic to security and privatisation? Participate in-person or online. 

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Vinnies and ANU+ Sleepout 

Meet the author - Chanel Contos

Tuesday 19 September, 6pm | Kambri Cultural Centre - Manning Clark Hall 

Join Chanel Contos in conversation with Natassia Chrysanthos on Chanel's new book Consent Laid Bare: sex, entitlement and the distortion of desire, a game-changing book about sex and consent that every woman - and man - should read. 

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World Sexual Health Day

Monday 4 September 2023 was World Sexual Health Day for the 14th year in a row. The theme this year is Consent. ANU reaffirms its commitment to uphold the standards that scaffold the World Health Organisation’s Statement on Sexual Health.

When viewed holistically and positively:

- Sexual health is about well-being, not merely the absence of disease.

- Sexual health involves respect, safety and freedom from discrimination and violence.

- Sexual health depends on the fulfilment of certain human rights.

- Sexual health is relevant throughout the individual’s lifespan, not only to those in the reproductive years, but also to both the young and the elderly.

- Sexual health is expressed through diverse sexualities and forms of sexual expression.

- Sexual health is critically influenced by gender norms, roles, expectations and power dynamics.

ANU fully supports the World Association for Sexual Health’s Declaration of Sexual Rights particular its focus on the right to information and education:

The ANU Medical Centre has increased staffing with more female providers including a women’s health/sexual health Nurse Practitioner and a sexual health. Along with the teams in the Student Safety and Wellbeing Team and Respectful Relationship Unit offers sexual health education and outreach programs across campus and look forward to building capacity for larger campus-wide events. These teams work collaboratively such that prevention, education, health care and response systems are as seamless as possible and always improving.

To book an appointment with our new sexual health Nurse Pracitioner head to: https://www.hotdoc.com.au/medical-centres/canberra-ACT-2600/anu-medical-centre/doctors


Changes to data sharing from Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams 

Recent changes have been made to how files from OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams are shared and accessed. These changes enhance security for all staff and students at the University. Previously, confidential files could be accessed by anyone with a link. Now, sharing files or folders using an ANU account requires manual permission setting. 

Additionally, SharePoint site files or folders shared with 'anyone' will expire in 30 days. It's advised to share SharePoint or OneDrive data only with intended recipients. You have the option to extend or re-enable link expiration dates. 

Please note: all Sharepoint site administrators are encouraged to review their file and folder access permissions and link expiry dates. 

More specific instructions on how to do to this can be found here: 

Data Sharing guidelines from OneDrive

Data Sharing guidelines from SharePoint

Data Sharing guidelines on MS Teams

Re-enablement of expired SharePoint or OneDrive links.

If you have any issues or need help at any time, please contact the Service Desk at +61 2 612 54321. 


Applications closing soon - Carers' Career Development Assistance Fund (CCDAF)  

CCDAF provides financial support for academic and professional staff with caring responsibilities, enabling them to participate in significant national or international conferences, workshops or symposia that contribute to their careers.  

CCDAF applications for Round 3, 2023, are still open and will close on Friday 8 September at 5pm.  

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Songs For Freedom Concert

Saturday 9 September, 7-9pm  

Have you got your tickets to Songs for Freedom?

Songs for Freedom is an inspiring concert bringing you soul, blues, and unique country music, created by artists in the Ieramugadu community (Roebourne, WA) and beyond. Together with guests from around this country, Songs for Freedom tells stories of the vast and striking beauty of this place and its people. 

Guided by Ngarluma and Yinjibarndi Elders, and an inter-cultural band including Shellie Morris, Kankawa Nagarra, Fred Ryan and John Bennet, Songs for Freedom joins these friends and other musicians in paying tribute to the family of John Pat in the 40th anniversary year of his passing in custody. Musical direction is provided by Grammy Award winner Lucky Oceans, with a powerful narration by Ngarluma man, Patrick Churnside. 

Songs for Freedom is the tangible manifestation of a project that has been running since 2010. Supported by Elders, the project has delivered workshops in the community, the school, and the prison, creating digital content, music, theatre and performance to create a positive change in Ieramugadu and beyond. 

We welcome everyone to this is family-friendly concert experience, that will fill your night with hope, peace, and freedom. 


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