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Tuesday 7 March

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What you need to know

  • A reminder Monday 13 March is the Canberra Day public holiday.
  • The ANYou staff engagement survey will launch next week on Tuesday 14 March. The survey will measure employee engagement, identify areas of improvement, and establish a baseline to improve the staff experience across ANU. This is a great opportunity to have your say and contribute to your future ANU. For more information watch Chief People Officer, Kate Witenden’s message

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, we are sharing the work and stories of our community's change makers in fighting for gender equity and justice.  


A photo of protests in Iran.

Amplifying women’s leadership in the Middle East   

Leading women scholars from the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (CAIS) are at the forefront of advocating for a better understanding of women’s activism and mobilisation for their rights across the Arabic speaking world, Turkey and Iran. 

“Women in the region continue to play a prominent role in resisting authoritarian tyranny and neo-patriarchal forces drawing on a long history of feminist activism and agency. It is important we amplify their voices and utilise our freedoms here in Australia to bring to the world’s attention the enduring courage and activism of these women across the Middle East.” 

Read more about the women at ANU helping shine a light on the enduring and diverse ways women across the globe express their power. 

Events & activities

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Going solo: China’s ‘singles economy’ and the date-renting industry 

Thursday 9 March, 4-5.30pm 

China's 'singles economy'  has emerged due to a growing number of singles and solo dwellers. Through a captivating case study of the date-renting industry, Pan Wang, Senior Lecturer in Chinese and Asian Studies, University of New South Wales, will examine the intersection of emotions and capitalism in this unique economy. 

Register for Going solo 

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Beyond the Material: at the intersection of glass and the digital image 

Thursday 9 March, 5.30pm 

Kate Baker is an Australian artist and ANU PhD candidate who combines photography and studio glass. She questions our perceptions of emotions through unexpected compositions of the body and overlays of images, surface treatments, and text. Baker's interdisciplinary approach focuses on the shared activation of light, space, and time.  

Register for the exhibition opening 

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2023 ANU Alumni Week - Back to where our future began

Saturday 18 March – Friday 24 March  

Staff are welcome to join the 2023 ANU Alumni Week celebrated later this month. Expert panels on climate change, women leadership and the arts are just some of the activities planned for the week.  
There will be unique campus tours including the ANU archives tunnel tour, Indigenous Heritage walks, and networking opportunities. Visit ANU Alumni Week for more details.  

A cartoon image of a house with solar panels.

Meet the Author: In conversation with Saul Griffith

Tuesday 28 March, 6-7pm 

Inventor and engineer Saul Griffith will be in conversation with Emma Aisbett on his latest Quarterly Essay, The Wires That Bind. Electrification and community renewal. Griffith's vision of green energy at a local level offers practical solutions for community renewal and financial empowerment through renewable energy. This electrifying essay challenges us to build a better world and benefits every Australian economically, socially and health-wise. 

Register for In conversation with Saul Griffith

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2023 Pamela Denoon Lecture

Thursday 9 March, 5.30pm


Marie Coleman AO PSM has been integral to the women's movement in Australia for the past 60 years. She will be in conversation with Jane Madden, president of the National Foundation for Australian Women. The lecture aims to inspire women to learn more about women's issues in Australia and get involved in local organizations that promote women's rights.

Register for the 2023 Pamela Denoon Lecture

Identity after trauma

This story mentions sexual assault which may be distressing to readers.  

PhD candidate Kate Western is exploring what happens to someone’s identity when they experience sexual assault and how this identity changes (or does not change). Part of her research also investigates the consequences of pushing an identity on someone post trauma.  

Read more about Kate’s research on identity after trauma. 


Volunteer for ANU Open Day  

Saturday 18 March 

Help us show our beautiful campus and world-class facilities to future students and their families. We’ll be showcasing our full breadth of degree programs and study options through a packed calendar of events with hundreds of activities. It’ll set to be our biggest Open Day yet. 

If you would like to volunteer, register your interest here by Friday 10 March.


Applications Invited for Staff Grants and Funding Initiatives 

Applications are now open for the Professional Staff Scholarships Scheme (PSSS) and Professional Staff Development Endowment Fund (PSDEF) for the first round of 2023. The deadline for applications is Friday 31 March at 5pm.  
Applications for the first round of the Carers' Career Development Assistance Fund (CCDAF) are also open until Friday 17 March at 5pm. 
For more information, please contact  

A darkly lit photo of a man on a computer.

Cracking the code of the manosphere

Dubbed the 'King of the manosphere', Andrew Tate's strong stance against feminism and his toxic attitudes towards women more generally have appealed to thousands of men across the world.  
ANU clinical psychology student and PhD candidate Brooke Franklin-Paddock is basing her thesis on understanding the 'manosphere' and the psychology behind the appeal of these types of extremist groups.

Read more about Brooke’s research on cracking the manosphere code. 

In case you missed it...

The University's flagship International Women's Day event, the Susan Ryan Oration, commemorates the late Hon Susan Ryan AO, one of Australia’s greatest advocates for gender and age equality. 

Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher, Minister for Women, paid respect to the life and work of Susan Ryan, embracing Susan’s slogan that ‘a woman’s place is in the Senate’ in her keynote address last week.  

She acknowledged the ongoing influence of Susan Ryan’s work and in her words, “how the work begun under Susan’s leadership in the Hawke government, continues to guide and influence the work that is before the Albanese government today as we continue to walk the path towards a more equal Australia.”  
Watch Senator Katy Gallagher’s full address for the 2023 Susan Ryan Oration 

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