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Tuesday 12 September

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What you need to know

  • This Thursday 14 September is R U OK? Day. It’s a good reminder to not only check-in with those around us, but to also check-in with ourselves. Asking ‘are you OK?’ could start a meaningful conversation with someone that might be struggling. If you want to chat with someone confidentially, the Student Safety and Wellbeing team is here to help you and provide free and confidential support. 

Hancock Library welcomes 1 millionth visitor since going 24/7 

On Friday 1 September the staff at Hancock Library were excited to welcome the Library’s millionth in-person visitor since opening 24/7 in 2019. The visitor, Rory Olsson, who is studying Engineering, entered Hancock mid-morning last Friday and was delighted to receive some ANU merchandise and a gift voucher for Harry Hartog Bookshop.

Following a few years of disruptions to regular on-campus learning and teaching activities, it is a joy to see high numbers of students and other Library users coming through the doors again.

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Update your personal information on ISIS 

Having your current contact information, including address, mobile, personal email and emergency contact information is crucial for the University to offer timely support when required and communicate important information about your studies and related administrative processes.  

Update your details on ISIS now

Events & activities

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Immersia Festival – Engaging with Asia and the Pacific   

Today – Saturday 30 September 

Come and join us as we celebrate diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and cultural immersion with the 2023 edition of Immersia: Engaging with Asia and the Pacific. From dance performances and music to workshops and seminars, explore the cultures of the Asia-Pacific region for a truly immersive experience. 

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2023 McMichael Lecture and Award Announcement

 Thursday 14 September, 10-11am 

In this lecture, Dr Leviston will reflect on how participating in collective efforts to address environmental decline can change not just the physical environment, but our own emotional responses and wellbeing. In particular, she will discuss the role of how humans perceive each other as an important driver of this change.

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18th Latin American Film Festival – Part Two

Thursday 14 September – Wednesday 20 September 

The 18th Latin American Film Festival concludes its second uninterrupted week at the ANU Film Group with these seven final films, from countries such as Uruguay, Cuba and Brazil. 

All screenings are FREE to attend and open to the public – no membership or registration is required. Sessions will commence at 7.30 pm, with the exception of Sunday screenings which start at 6pm. All films will be screened in their original language with English subtitles. 

Proudly presented by the Latin American Embassies in Australia with the support of the ANU Latin American Students' Association. 

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Meet the Author – Chanel Contos   

Tuesday 19 September, 6pm 

Chanel Contos engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Natassia Chrysanthos about her new book, Consent Laid Bare: sex, entitlement, and the distortion of desire. Explore the urgent issues surrounding sex, consent, and equality, and discover how this game-changing book offers vital insights for both women and men in today's world. 

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Early Modern Women and Discourses of Civility

Tuesday 19 September, 5-7pm

Centre for Early Modern Women PhD candidate, Emma Rayner presents her PhD thesis, Early Modern Women and Discourses of Civility, in the final year of her candidature. 

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Conflict Resolution through Constitution-making: Insights from Asia and the Pacific

Tuesday 26 September, 6-7.30pm

Frequent intra-state conflicts reignite after initial resolution through resource disputes, territorial control, and self-determination issues. Professor Anthony Regan from ANU College of Asia and the Pacific examines the role of constitution-making in preventing these conflicts. 

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Towards ecosocial cities? Urban-nature encounters and relations

Friday 29 September, 9.30am-4pm

In this workshop we’ll will be diving into the impact of urbanization on the environment, exploring how our bustling cities affect nature and wildlife. Let's discuss climate change, sustainable cities, and the complex relationships between humans and nature in a changing world.

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ANU Global Programs information and drop-in sessions for learning abroad opportunities 

If you want to learn abroad in 2024 do yourself a favour and prioritise attending ANU Global programs learning abroad information sessions this semester. Additionally, If you have any questions/concerns you would like to discuss with a member of the team one-on-one please attend a drop-in session. Please note that the global programs team does not offer one-on-one appointments outside of these drop-in sessions. 

For further information about these sessions find the semester 2 schedule here.  

To stay updated on these sessions, find out about funding your learning abroad experience and more please follow us on socials and subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter here.   


The University thanks those residential students and Senior Residents who provided valuable insights into the requirements of our residential community. Through the survey and focus groups, the resident community has identified key issues and recommendations for improving the experience of ANU students' residents. Recommendations from the community include a variety of options for better training, process improvement and 24/7 support to residents. These insights have been communicated back to all residents. 

In light of these findings, the Residential Experience Division is considering options for after-hours staffing model that aligns with the training, skills and experience requirements highlighted by the residents. In coming months, the University will consider these options, in line with the Student Safety and Wellbeing Plan, and will invest and implement the solution that meets the ANU resident community requirements.  

Presently, the University has not made any final decisions on 24/7 staffing in the residences. Any proposed or implemented 24/7 staffing model within residences will not impact the value of SR scholarships in 2024. 


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